Kato and Dinah

Louise at the 2011 Vizsla National with handler Diana Wilson

Telihold Vizslas' Music Muse Litter

Kato (MBIS NBISS GCH Artisan Grouse Point Pink Panther JH)
Dinah (NBISS CH Derby’s Destination Moon JH)

Whelped 03/04/2011
5 boys and 1 girl
We are thrilled about this breeding! It is the culmination and result of a lot of patience, working through some disappointments, and many many wonderful friends and mentors helping us along the way. A special thanks to the members of the Trinity Valley Vizsla Club (www.trinityvvc.com) who have offered their expertise, advise, and support while we were planning this litter and helping us now that they have arrived. We couldn’t have done this without all of them!

Check back for updates — these little guys and gal have some big shoes to fill but we are so excited to see them grow and watch them in the ring and the field…and at home on the sofa when they finally decide it’s time to sleep.

CH Teliholds Kodachrome

Simon stayed with us. His mission in life moves between snuggling, chasing all things that move (or potentially will move at some point) and wrestling with his sister, Lou. He’s already decided sleeping with Charlotte and Bonsey is a pretty great idea.

Simon, 8 weeks, at his first playdate with birds
Simon, 8 weeks, at his first playdate with birds

Simon and Loiuse at 8 weeks hanging out with Brian
Simon and Louise at 8 weeks hanging out with Brian

Simon at the 2011 Vizsla National with handler Diana Wilson
Simon at the 2011 Vizsla National with handler Diana Wilson



CH Teliholds Satchmo

Louise also stayed here with the McHughs clan. She is quite the little girl and has enough energy for 10 puppies but we do love our little energizer bunny. She might be a little naughty…just a little….


Louise at 12 weeks


Louise at the 2011 Vizsla National with handler, Diana Wilson (don’t ask us how Diana got her to stand still!) (She got a 3rd place award in her class!)



Teliholds Riff In G Major

Griffey went home with Thomas and Julia Klie and lives in the Dallas area. He is a well loved little guy and we’d like to add that he’s quite the swimmer!


Griffey heading home with Thomas and Julie


Griffey at 10 weeks









Griffey swimming like a champ at puppy swim day we had in June 2011









Cody is the newest member of the Kohn Family and flew home with mom, Karen, to Kentucky. He is especially well loved by his human sisters, Kendall and Samantha, and his 4-legged buddy next door, Teagan.


Cody and Karen getting ready to head out to the airport

and fly home to Kentucky.

Cody snuggling with Samantha

Cody on backyard patrol at 6 months


Teliholds Baba O’Riley JH


Riley heading home with the Szalays

Riley with a beautiful point!



Riley with his first win!


Riley also stayed in the Dallas area and is now a very loved member of Daniel and Mallory Szalay’s household. Among his many hobbies, Riley enjoys patrolling the yard for any birds that might have the misfortune of deciding to romp on the ground.
Riley earned his JH title!  He and Daniel did an outstanding job!


A very innocent looking Riley (who

I’m certain didn’t just do anything naughty) poses for the camera


Teliholds Shape of Things to Come


Archie and Kyle at DFW airport getting ready to head back to Connecticut

Archie went home with Kyle and Lyn in Connecticut. He’s a very well manered little man and even as a young guy learned to stop on the door mat to wipe his paws…even when he goes to the coffee shop with Kyle! He may have a few stubborn moments here and there but stopping to wipe your feet?!?! That instantly gives you good dog status in my book.

Archie poses at the front door at 8 weeks

Archie weathering hurricane Irene. We were told he very much enjoyed the numerous puddles and sticks.

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