Ellie (AKA Monster)

Ellie (Monster) on Quail

December 26th, 1999 – October 30th, 2013

A good description of Ellie (aka ‘Monster’) is a Vizsla that was too smart for her own good!  She was one of the smartest dogs I had ever seen.  She figured out at least three sets of baby locks on our cabinets and you could simply talk to her and she would understand you…depending on her mood, she may have even listened.

If there were ever a dog that would actually act like Lassie…and come running in with some lengthy dog dialog about a kid who has been attacked by a rouge group of aggressive squirrels…it would have been her.  For those that knew her, I’m sure they all would agree.  She was quite the character to say the least.

Ellie was almost almost 14 years old and she would still gets mistaken for a puppy when we were are out with her.  She was always completely full of energy and would play fetch with you for as long as you would throw the ball.  Only in her last year did she seem to slow down.  Instead of whining at your feet to throw the ball after hours of fetch…now would actually ‘take a break’ and stand at your feet…her paw, very firmly, holding the ball to the ground.  Good luck getting it from her until she is ready.  At that time she would softly present the ball to you.  Your job now is to get it before she did.  If you succeed at this task, you could throw it again.  If you failed to get the ball before she did…then the process will be repeated until you succeeded.

Monster was also our ‘trick’ dog.  She could balance a dog treat on her nose and wait until you given the ‘go ahead’.  She could shake hands.  Her big finally however was a long time crowd pleaser.  If you pointed your finger at her…like a gun, she would charge at you…make a shooting noise…and it must be loud enough for her liking…she would then leap at you in the final steps…only to whimper and fall to the ground rolling to her back.

She was a drama queen for sure, but she was a great dog.  She gave unconditional love and everyone that met her instantly fell in love with her.  Her face showed that she wanted nothing but to please you, and make you happy.

Ellie (Monster) Photos

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