Bonesy On Squirrel Patrol

May 6th, 2001 – March 8th, 2012

Rest in peace sweet girl.  I hope you are running in fields full of birds.

A good friend of Bonesy’s once told her that her attitude was ‘Dude…’.  This is a pretty good description of our Bonesy.  She is probably the most laid back Vizsla I’ve seen.  We often joke that she is the Vizsla that wants to be a Basset hound.  Of course she has earned all of this as she can be found laying in the middle of yard…soaking up the sun…not a care in the world…just taking a nap most days of the year.  When she is inside she also easily transfer’s her yard lounging straight to the end of the couch.  There have been many of football game with her head in someone’s lap.

She has the best temperament possible in a Vizsla.  We have two children and this dog LOVES them both.  It may be the constant source of easy food, but there is more in her ability to interact with our children.  She is very watchful of them and will often show signs of concerns when they are either up to no good…or if they are crying.   She is very nurturing and loving.

Like most Vizslas, Bonesy is a huge snuggler. Thankfully she has slept at the bottom of our daughter’s bed since the first day our daughter was out of her crib.  Of course we were ecstatic about this…it meant we now had more room in our bed!

However, don’t let Bonesy’s laid back personality fool you, when you get this girl out in the field…looking for birds…she comes alive.  I absolutely love watching her run through a field looking for birds.  She has such a fluid movement, checking each objective, covering great distances gracefully and efficiently.  She is without a doubt a great hunting dog.  Bonesy is a great grouse dog!  For the past 5 years she has been lucky enough on opening day, to fill her limit on Colorado mountain Blue Grouse (I know…since 2006 they have ‘officially’ renamed the Blue grouse of Colorado to ‘Dusky grouse’…but I grew up calling them Blue’s so I’m sticking with it.)  We love hunting grouse in Colorado.  There is nothing like hiking through the majestic mountains, with your beautiful hunting dogs, coming across a group of grouse and hearing the thunder of them take flight as they erupt out of the cover.  The sound of a Blue grouse taking flight is second only to an old military bomber.  They are big (biggest of the grouse group) and LOUD and Bonesy is charged with life each time we across them.


Bonesy Pictures

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