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Charlotte In The Ring

Mar 09 2013
Telihold Vizslas

Our little girl (Charlotte) won her very first Junior Showmanship competition at the Colorado Kennel Club show 2/18/2013.  She showed our old girl Dinah and they looked outstanding.  Charlotte also showed Dinah in the Veteran class in the Vizsla breed ring and won!  We are very proud of her and love the big smiles.

Trinity Valley Vizsla Club AKC B-Match

Mar 26 2011
Telihold Vizslas

Trinity Valley Vizsla Club (TVVC) holds it’s first B-Match – March 26, 2011 The TVVC received it’s AKC sanctioning and held it’s first B-Match Saturday, March 26, 2011 in conjunction with the Ft. Worth Kennal Club Dog Show. This is great news for the club (of which we are proud members!) and the match was a

Puppies on the Move!

Mar 21 2011
Telihold Vizslas

At day 17 all our Music Musers officially have their eyes open and they are moving around with great gusto! They still are getting their land legs, but they managed to stay upright long enough last night for us to witness them romping around and playing for the first time. There was barking, climbing, and

Vizsla Puppies Are Here!

Mar 04 2011
Telihold Vizslas

Well…it was a long, long night, but with the support from us and our great friend Rene Blakemore, Dinah whelped 6 puppies (5 boys and 1 girl.)  They are all absolutely beautiful, happy, and healthy.  Come back and watch as we post pictures and videos of the tiny Vizlsas. Visit out ‘Upcoming Litter‘ page to

Another snowy day in Dallas

Feb 09 2011
Telihold Vizslas

Geeze it’s cold here! Yet another icy snowy day in Dallas and the kids and girls are officially BOARD! Having said that, apparently they’re not board enough that they can’t take advantage of some movie/snuggle time.  A good option for a day when the wind chill is at a pleasant 5 degrees. Really, this is

Vizsla Puppies! Dinah and Kato Litter Confirmed

Jan 24 2011
Telihold Vizslas

So it is official, Dinah is pregnant.  We had the ultrasound and saw the tiny embryos….yahoo!  From the first breed date we estimate March 6th, 2011 as the whelp date.  To say we are excited about this litter is an understatement.  Kato is a beautiful boy who was the number 1 Vizsla (All Breed) in the country

Bird Work

Jan 22 2011
Telihold Vizslas

We had a great Saturday afternoon running the dogs and getting some bird work in.  We had a blast hanging out with some good friends and ended up hitting Sweetie Pie’s Ribeye’s in Decatur, Texas.  There isn’t words to explain how good that steak was after a day working birds.  If you end up going

Bird work in 2011

Jan 02 2011
Telihold Vizslas

Bird work in 2011 We had a great Sunday out at our favorite training area.  We met up with a lot of friends and enjoyed a good day of dog work on quail.  What a way to start the new year.  Also, I was able to get a good friend out with us to see

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