Charlotte McHughs

Charlotte loves animals…she would rather spend her days in a barn than pretty much any other place.  So she takes full advantage of the dog activities.  She showed our girl Dinah in Veteran classes when she was only 8 and has since shown in not only regular breed classes but also participates in the AKC Junior Showmanship competitions (Jr.’s).

When at a show she is quick to ditch mom and dad and hang out with her favorite people, Diana and Kristy Wilson.  The Wilson’s have been so amazing with Charlotte and both have really encouraged her to be her best and to give her best, all while having the best sportsmanship  she can.  Below are a few of the activities and accomplishments Charlotte has participated and achieved.  These are just a few of the literally THOUSANDS of pictures we have of Charlotte with her dogs.

Charlotte was he the first person in the country to receive a junior performance award for her lure coursing in November of 2013…she does it all!

Charlotte and Zinger do it again! She wins BEST IN JUNIORS! - Town and Country Kennel Club Nov 17th, 2013
Charlotte Wins her first BEST IN JUNIORS with her new friend Zinger! – Canadian Valley Kennel Club Nov 14th 2013
Charlotte and Simon/Louise Puppies - Texas


Charlotte and Dinah on the couch - Texas
Charlotte and Dinah watching a show - Texas
Charlotte and Dinah "Best In Veteran Sweeps" - RMVC 2013
Charlotte First Place Jr's - Flatiron Kennel Club 2013
Charlotte at 10 months, Dinah at 10 weeks
Charlotte and Dinah "Best Veteran" - Colorado Kennel Club Feb-2013
Charlotte and Zinger (Whippet) in the Junior Ring - Chickasaw OK Nov 2013
Charlotte and Zinger (Whippet) free stacking in the Junior Ring - Chickasaw OK Nov 2013
Charlotte and Zinger (Whippet) "Best Junior In Show" #1 - Chickasaw OK Nov 2013
Charlotte and Zinger (Whippet) "Best Junior In Show" #2 - Chickasaw OK Nov 2013
Charlotte First Place Junior's Open - Flatiron Kennel Club 2013
Charlotte and a little Huntmore puppy - Texas 2011
Charlotte and Hef watching the groups ringside Aug - 1212
Charlotte and Ardy the Crested - Texas
Charlotte and Dinah in the Veterans class - RMVC 2013
Charlotte goofing off at handling class
Charlotte and Dinah at handling class
Charlotte hanging at the show set up with her good friends Diana and Kristy Wilson
Charlotte catching up on some dog news - Eagle, CO 2013
Zzzz's after a fun day wearing out the red dogs...notice the dogs aren't sleeping!
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