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Telihold: Hungarian for “Full Moon” =  Teli (“full”) + hold (“moon”)


Pronunciation (tel‧lee‧hold)



Telihold Vizslas was founded around the core interest and love of our Vizslas and the Vizsla breed. Like so many other Vizsla owners, we were hooked the moment our first girl came home with us. We can still remember that tiny little puppy, so loving and trusting, so full of life and intelligence. With that puppy our life with Vizslas began.

We currently live in Denver, Colorado (just moved back from a short stent in Richardson, Texas, in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area…North Texas). We have our Vizslas and two human children (Charlotte and Daniel.) Our family has a lot of moving parts, just ask any of our friends or relatives!…but we love our dogs, we love our children, and we love our family. Our lives are busy and full…and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Telihold Vizslas has been a goal for us for a while., especially as we became more familiar with the breed, and became lifelong friends with those who share our passion with Vizslas. We knew we had to be more involved. We started out doing fun things with our girls, hiking, tricks, companionship, and we continued to meet more Vizsla owners and became introduced to more fun opportunities that we could participate in with our dogs. We took entry level fly ball seminars, we did bird work and entered hunt tests, we did fun agility and obedience classes, we showed our dogs…we pretty much did whatever we could with them and were excited to keep doing more and more.

We also joined and became active in Vizsla clubs. We are Charter Members of the Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club, and Brian was the first elected President of the RMVC! We are Vizsla Club of America members. When we were in Texas, we became Charter Members of the Trinity Valley Vizsla Club as well! We love surrounding ourselves with other people that love and enjoy these wonderful dogs.

Looking back on our life with our dogs it becomes pretty clear how far we have come…it is also pretty clear that we have a lot still to learn. We have been very fortunate in having the friends we have made. They constantly surprise me in their passion and dedication to the Vizslas. For those reasons, we would like to thank each of our friends and mentors for being there with us on our journey.

We hope you enjoy our website and if you want to read more about either of us, please follow the links below.

Catherine and Dinah 

Brian McHughs, Telihold Vizslas, and Bonesy bird hunting 

Brian McHughs

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